Monday, July 15, 2013

Sweat Equity This Is Just 1 Example

We are always asked how much will my home cost? But before we can really answer that we need to find out some things. 1 is will you be doing "sweat equity" ? You might ask what does sweat equity look like....there are many ways to get involved in your project. Some want to do as much as possible and others may say I think we can paint. 

Last weekend we made a trip to the Wenatchee, WA area ( actually in a small town called Magala) to help a couple that are doing sweat equity on their home in the finishing touches and so here are some before and after photos of a project we helped them with.    

Mark & Kari had already found this place were they bought 2 very nice fir slabs with "live edges" that means that it is the actual outside of the tree bark and all .

Here is the before of the bar. Don't you just love the old corrugated metal they used on the face of the bar? on the right side floor under the trap are the bar tops.
They had a number of things they had to figure out as to how it was going to go on. Some of which they had prep work to do which is what you see in the next 2 photos .
Nice location to work out on the deck over looking the fields of fruit. 
Mark ( the home owner in dark shirt ) is cutting off a bit of the over hand so they can get the pots and pans on the stove top . And Cliff ( green shirt) is cutting in a space where the 2 slabs will intersect at the corner.
Here are the attached slabs they still need to be sanded and finish put on them which Mark is going to do. 
Any questions or comments we would love to hear from you !

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Independence Day 2013

I just love my friend & customer Bill & Julie's front porch at this time of the year !
What does this day mean to you ? 

Friday, January 18, 2013

Sun is out temps are in the 50's but not spring yet

You know how it feels this time of you spring is just around the corner and so that brings me to spring cleaning. Yikes what am I saying...really for me I have been cleaning out the business paperwork. Getting ready for the upcoming Sportsmen & Home & Garden shows by updating . So updated paperwork, business cards, a new hand out along with sprucing up the web site . All this is coming soon so watch for us if you are headed to these shows first one up is The Portland Sportsmen Show Feb. 6-10 @ The Expo Center in Portland or Portland Home & Garden Show Feb. 20-24 @ The Expo Center in Portland or Central OR. Sportsmen Show March 7-10 @ The Deschutes County Fair Grounds.     

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Christmas Time

So if you do a tree what color of lights do you do ? 

The first 2 trees are in our home different years the Blue tree is in a customers home.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

The D Family Update

It was Oct. of 2008 and I started posting  (click on hyper link word and you will go to post or page) on this family that was just starting to build their dream home. This following photo is of them that I took on the end of the first weekend that we had started stacking their log home. This photo was taken in Sept. of 2008   
Sept. 2012 just a 4 short years later here they stand in front of that beautiful home. this photo was taken by Jamie who is another home owner and a great Photographer.
 ( If you click her name it will take you to her web site )
I'm going to share some before and after photos I hope you enjoy.
This photo above and below are the guys doing the post & beam for their loft.
Then here are some after photos of this finished ceiling in Kitchen and dining room. 
One  month after they started here are a couple of photos.
Outside before and after 

above is after inside 
Again these photos are Jamie ( this link is to her Facebook )

Then in Nov. of 2008 I posted a story about Radiant heating and
 showed some photos of the process in that post .
The above they are putting down the tubes and the below is the Living area tubes.
This first photo is looking across the living to front door from dining area under loft. 
Again Jamie ( this link is to her blog) took these after shots. the one below is a close up of the concrete floor that is used as a finished floor. They love it !
In Jan of 2009 the outside looked like this 
In Sept. 2012 it looks like this.
Inside they were doing the wiring in the living area .
Then here is a finished look.
OK I think I have done enough for now but I can't leave this post without these last
 2 photos that speak for themselves : )
Thanks go to both the "D" family and Jamie love you both! 

Saturday, August 4, 2012

It's Summer & We Have Construction Sites

We wanted to let you know that if you want to see what happens as you build your log home, log cabin or standard stick frame cabin we have 3 projects going on around the state as I write this.

Here is a look at them and the location.

Jewel, OR. which is located off Hwy 26 on the way to Seaside. This project started this last winter and right now they just got sheet rock installed and are working on the rest of the interior finishes.

Dundee, OR ( in the heart of Oregon's wine country SW of Portland ). This project has the logs almost stacked.

And the last but not the least is located at Crescent Lake Junction ( which is off Hwy 58 ). This is a replacement cabin for the family which had a old A Frame that they torn down and we are building a stick frame cabin on the same spot. They are just at the framing stages of this. 

If you would like more info on any of these project please email us or call 541-389-6005.  

Saturday, May 5, 2012

We get ask if we only do Log Cabins. So I wanted to share
this cabin our crews did last summer. This cabin is
a 2 bedroom w/ large loft . Over all sq. ft. is 1200.
Isn't it cute ? We are doing another cabin like this
  if you would like to see either one or
 want more info please contact us...

Front Side
Back Side